Found A New Love

💘💗💕💙💟 I have seen Him, I can say I know Him A feeling no man can explain Not just a feeling, but an experience Experience beyond man's experiment ⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫ My life was turned, hope made anew Realization dawned, crushed by reflections of past Past is bygone, found newness in love Love soaked up in Light, Light bestowing Life. ⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫ Enlargement of heart came, stood out in boldness  Light shining all over, a call for a shake up Love worth announcing, Light set on a hill A relationship so personal and open ⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫ This is joy unspeakable, peace unsearchable Grace eternal, Love without recompense I have laid hold on this, conviction unwavering Never to retreat, knowing regrets has not a chance
Written By #Optemmah 

Equivalence to Love

Not a factor of age, nor of grade
Men can refuse to know but surely must grow
There are ways to cheat without data sheet
These are the things we try to do without knowing the rules
Same old story, repetition of agony
How can we, having learned of them, avoid them?
Sweeter to say, but devoid of actions
There must be a salt to this sour soup 
I don't know of a people, a nation or a standalone
Fighting a successful course with division of interest
Five pounds up and twenty down
Things eventually fall apart, with a missing centre
I volunteer to stand for that single truth
To put to act and not just in words
Change we say begins with you
And with me, I bring the message of Love
It's worth giving a try
A change of attitude is all it needs
I love you never kills
It's a bond that bounds a band
Commitment, trust and loyalty
These can help fix the missing piece
Why do to him what you can't accept
With love, you can learn the concept
Love works no ill
Love put others fir…

Satan's Strategy Against the Church

Throughout this last decade,witches (yes, I did say "witches"!) have been fasting and chanting their evil "prayers" to the prince of darkness to bring about the destruction of Christian marriages and families, particularly of those in the ministry.
Whenever this concerted effort goes forth in the kingdom of darkness, unclean spirits begin to operate against good, moral family men and women with a vengeance.The demonic onslaught can become so great that, when the unclean spirits are finished with their dirty works, many of these normally moral people are left saying, "I knew it was wrong but I just couldn't help it. I kept flirting around with sin until it pulled me under."
The Plight of Those in Bondage
As a result of this devilish attack against the Body of Christ, hundreds of thousands of believers today feel as if they are out of control, usually in the areas of lust, pornography, sexual sin, and adultery. These Christians feel powerless to do anythin…


No man has the right to be a son of God It is an act of pure unmistakable Grace
If we are born into God’s family, it is a miracle of mercy. It is one of the ever-blessed exhibitions of the infinite love of God, that has set itself upon us.


The questions are often asked “Who is a Christian? How do I know a Christian if I meet one? Does every Matthew, Mark, Ruth and Mary go for a Christian? Is everyone who raises up his hands in response to a preacher’s call to repentance a Christian? Does everybody who passes through the church isle to the altar go for a Christian? Are all those in church pews during church services Christians? Who is a Christian? Finally you may ask “Am I a Christian?
A soul winner on evangelism met a drunk staggering down a lane. In his attempt to help him discover the true purpose of living, he asked “Are you a Christian?” The answer came quick and sharp “What do you think I am? A pagan?” This is the pitiful point.
A brilliant preacher full of energy and zeal got the pass mark of his congregation. But his life at home showed a pattern of pride and jealously found in the fallen angel, Lucifer.