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No man has the right to be a son of God It is an act of pure unmistakable Grace
If we are born into God’s family, it is a miracle of mercy. It is one of the ever-blessed exhibitions of the infinite love of God, that has set itself upon us.


The questions are often asked “Who is a Christian? How do I know a Christian if I meet one? Does every Matthew, Mark, Ruth and Mary go for a Christian? Is everyone who raises up his hands in response to a preacher’s call to repentance a Christian? Does everybody who passes through the church isle to the altar go for a Christian? Are all those in church pews during church services Christians? Who is a Christian? Finally you may ask “Am I a Christian?
A soul winner on evangelism met a drunk staggering down a lane. In his attempt to help him discover the true purpose of living, he asked “Are you a Christian?” The answer came quick and sharp “What do you think I am? A pagan?” This is the pitiful point.
A brilliant preacher full of energy and zeal got the pass mark of his congregation. But his life at home showed a pattern of pride and jealously found in the fallen angel, Lucifer.