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Satan's Strategy Against the Church

Throughout this last decade,witches (yes, I did say "witches"!) have been fasting and chanting their evil "prayers" to the prince of darkness to bring about the destruction of Christian marriages and families, particularly of those in the ministry.
Whenever this concerted effort goes forth in the kingdom of darkness, unclean spirits begin to operate against good, moral family men and women with a vengeance.The demonic onslaught can become so great that, when the unclean spirits are finished with their dirty works, many of these normally moral people are left saying, "I knew it was wrong but I just couldn't help it. I kept flirting around with sin until it pulled me under."
The Plight of Those in Bondage
As a result of this devilish attack against the Body of Christ, hundreds of thousands of believers today feel as if they are out of control, usually in the areas of lust, pornography, sexual sin, and adultery. These Christians feel powerless to do anythin…